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When only the most Stunning Escorts will do!

We all love to be seen with a beautiful girl on our arm. With this in mind, our brand new escort agency has gathered together some of the most stunning escorts in Holland for your personal pleasure. We have escorts of all shapes, sizes and nationalities. Blonde escorts, brunette escorts, red headed escorts and all colours in between, but they all have one thing in common - they are absolutely stunning. But of course, a perfect escort service is not just about looks and this is where our escorts outperform the rest. They've all got that extra 'je ne sais quoi' which enables them to provide the very best escort services around, whether that's a dinner date, a massage service or one of our special domination or fetish escort services.

As you would expect from a superior escort agency such as ours, we provide our top class escort services throughout all areas of the Netherlands, so whether you're in one of the big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam or you're tucked away somewhere a little more rural, you too can experience our very special brand of attention.

We've made it very easy to book an escort through Stunning Escorts; all you have to do is send us an email or call the number on this page. Our friendly operators are waiting to take your call and make your booking. So whether you're in Utrecht or Den Haag, get in touch now and one of our stunning escorts will bring their expertise direct to you.

All our escort girls are fully committed to providing an A1 service, so you can be sure that any time spent in their company will not only be 100% satisfying but that you'll be treated with discretion and respect.

Wouldn't you like to spend some time with a Stunning Escort this evening?

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Three of the most impractical sex positions

Three of the most impractical sex positions While the majority of couples like to experiment with their sexual positions, most end up sticking with their favourites such as the missionary or doggy position. For many of the alternative positions you need to be a contortionist, a weightlifter, a master of control or sometimes a mixture of all three. Here’s three sexual positions which, while at first glance may seem a good idea, very quickly get the thumbs down for practicality

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America’s Weirdest Sex Laws

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America’s Weirdest Sex Laws

Amsterdam is considered to have some of the most liberal sex laws in the world. Now while I’ve come across many strange sexual situations during my time as an Amsterdam escort, I’ve certainly never come across anything quite as weird as some of the American laws I’m going to tell you about. If these laws were made legal in the Netherlands, I’d definitely find myself in prison without chance of parole. Let’s start with Arizona – apparently it’s illegal to

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Blurred lines? Keeping escorting professional

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Blurred lines?  Keeping escorting professional

I’ve been providing escort services in Amsterdam for the last couple of years and throughout my time I’ve met numerous clients, many of which have become regulars. I’ve also developed relationships with these clients, which are not just based on business but which have blossomed into friendships. Of course, some clients prefer to keep things on a completely professional basis, which I respect, but generally speaking this is not the norm. The vast majority of my clients love to just

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Selection of a few of our stunning escort girls

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