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Blurred lines? Keeping escorting professional

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I’ve been providing escort services in Amsterdam for the last couple of years and throughout my time I’ve met numerous clients, many of which have become regulars. I’ve also developed relationships with these clients, which are not just based on business but which have blossomed into friendships. Of course, some clients prefer to keep things on a completely professional basis, which I respect, but generally speaking this is not the norm. The vast majority of my clients love to just hang out and chill, they love chatting and seem to have as much fun doing this as some of the intimate stuff we get up too.

Although some tend to just engage in the minimum of small talk before moving on to their main reason for being with me, others like to catch up and talk for quite a while before they’re ready to move up a gear. However while developing friendships with clients can be a great way to enhance your relationship you have to be careful to keep the boundaries between work and friendship clear to prevent misunderstandings from happening. Often it’s all too easy to misinterpret signs, especially as it’s easy to develop emotions for each other.

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise if this happens and professional escorts need to develop strategies to handle such situations. I’ve found that the best way to avoid complications is to only meet clients when they have booked a meeting. Spending some time socialising before or after your meeting is fine, but try not to meet clients for a social encounter without them booking your time. By spending time with clients when they are not paying for your company, you are sending out confusing signals.

So if you want to avoid blurring the lines between your professional and non-professional life, always limit your meetings to those which are booked and paid for. It’ll make things easier for both clients and escorts alike.