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Hit the road Jack – an unusual place for an escort encounter

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Men and women book escorts for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they just want to spend a few hours with an attractive female companion; sometimes they’re looking for a gorgeous date to impress their friends but, depending on the motive of the meeting, escort encounters can happen in all kinds of weird and wonderful places. In a Michelin starred restaurant, at a company function, at the latest hip nightclub, in the privacy of a hotel room or, as we recently found out, in some very unusual places indeed.

As you know our Amsterdam escort girls always try to satisfy the needs and requests of their clients, they always aim to give complete and utter satisfaction and will always go the extra kilometer to meet their clients’ needs, even if they are little out of the ordinary. So when we received a call from a long distance lorry driver who was passing through town, we weren’t too surprised to find that he wanted to meet in his lorry.

Long distance lorry drivers often work for days on end without a break. Life on the road can be lonely and so the thought of having a warm nubile body cuddled up next to them in their cab is often not far from their minds. And where better to find a warm nubile body than at our escort agency. We like to think that we can cater for every need, no matter how unusual, and so visiting a guy in the cab of his lorry, while not one of our usual meeting places, seemed as good as anywhere.
Needless to say, true to our motto – the client’s satisfaction was guaranteed, his cab was left well and truly steamy and now we’re a regular stop off on his route.