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In calls and out calls – how to treat your escort

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You’ve browsed through the escort gallery and picked the girl of your dreams. She offers exactly what you’re seeking and you can’t wait to meet her. As she offers both in calls and out calls, you’re a little unsure which would be best. If you’re in the same situation, here’s a rundown of how to act in both scenarios.
In calls

If you decide to meet an escort at her place the one thing you should always keep in mind is to respect her privacy and always remember, especially if it’s a first meeting, to keep things fairly formal. Be friendly, but also be polite and courteous. Always ask her permission before you do anything and don’t be too demanding. As the relationship develops, you can relax a little more of course, but in the initial stages always wait for her cue. And, probably the most important thing of all, respect her privacy. Confidentiality is a must – never share her address or any details of her place with anyone.
Out calls

Most escorts prefer outcalls, whether that’s to a hotel, your home, an apartment or somewhere else. If you choose to use your home or a hotel as a meeting place you should always make sure that it’s in a friendly and well lit area and that the room itself is clean, warm and cosy. Remember escorts are always conscious of their safety and may choose not to visit you in a place which could be perceived as unsafe or threatening. Always make sure that you are alone, unless you have already informed your escort that you will have a guest. Drinks should always be offered in sealed bottles as there have been instances of escorts being given illegal substances in opened bottles of drink. And always offer somewhere to freshen up during and after the meeting.