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Keeping escorting fresh and new

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Amsterdam escorts are renowned as some of the most desired escorts in the world and as I’ve been an escort in Amsterdam for quite a few years now, I can confirm that my escort services are always in demand. In some ways this makes me a little lazy as I have a constant stream of clients and don’t have to do much in the way of marketing myself to keep busy. However some of the other escorts in the Netherlands occasionally find that their business is a little slow. My advice is simple. You’ll get more work if you put more effort into your business and so you have to be a little savvy when growing your client base.

Escorting by its very nature is a transient business. We will meet with many clients only one or two times. Our relationships with clients usually aren’t long ones, and they tend to come to a natural end. Occasionally we’ll get lucky and have some long term relationships but the truth is that generally life itself gets in the way and they come to an end. I’ve had relationships with clients that have lasted for years but have ended because they’ve found a new partner or decided to move on to a new city. Sometimes the excitement of having an ‘intimate’ friend has faded and they sought to find that buzz elsewhere. This is why it’s important to continually develop new clients, especially if escorting is your only income source.

Meeting with new clients can help to keep your business stable as regulars drop off, not to mention that it keeps escorting exciting. After all one of the reasons I chose escorting as a career was because I love meeting new people, so finding new clients keeps everything fresh and new and helps to stop my work life becoming routine and mundane. Plus I think it gives me a new verve – a win, win situation all round.