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Stockings and suspenders are what I’m looking for

sexy legs

Whenever I meet with one of the gorgeous Russian escorts in Amsterdam I have a very special request; that she dresses in stockings and suspenders. It’s been a ‘fetish’ of mine for many years, ever since I first saw a photo of a woman dressed in this way in one of the dirty mags that my dad had stored under the bed. I spent many an hour fantasising with those pictures in front of me and now seeing a woman in stockings and suspenders is one of my biggest turn ons. So whenever I book an escort I always specify that I would like her to dress in this manner.

Of course, before I even make my booking, one of the first things that will attract me to a particular escort is her photographs. I’ve spent many hours perusing escort agency websites, enjoying looking through the photographs of the girls. If I see a girl wearing stockings and suspenders, whether she’s blonde or brunette doesn’t really matter, (although if I’m totally honest I do prefer brunette escorts), I’ll be drawn to her. Then I’ll look at her statistics and services, but it’s always the photographs that initially get me hooked. It’s just something about the way the silky stockings encase the legs and how the lacy tops contrast against the creamy skin. And the thought of pulling the suspenders, slipping my hands behind the elasticated straps and feeling the soft smooth skin, almost tips me over the edge. I’ve found that I do prefer to see stockings on women with long slender legs and so I’ll usually be drawn to tall, slim escorts. I love to see the curve of their calves and the definition in their thighs highlighted by the sheen of the stockings. I do prefer black stockings with lacy tops, but sheer seamed stockings come a close second.