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Three of the most impractical sex positions

sex positions

Three of the most impractical sex positions

While the majority of couples like to experiment with their sexual positions, most end up sticking with their favourites such as the missionary or doggy position. For many of the alternative positions you need to be a contortionist, a weightlifter, a master of control or sometimes a mixture of all three. Here’s three sexual positions which, while at first glance may seem a good idea, very quickly get the thumbs down for practicality and sustainability.

Standing up

Hands up if you’re strong enough to not only hold up your partner but actually indulge in the sex act at the same time. For the vast majority of us, this position is a virtual impossibility and even if you could manage it, it’s unlikely to be sustainable for long.

The wheelbarrow

So called because the couple adopts a similar position to that of the wheelbarrow race you used to run at school. It involves the man supporting his partner’s weight while simultaneously thrusting while the woman engages in some sort of plank position. Once again, if you’re fit enough to do it, give me a call – I’ve never met a guy who can do it yet.

Now of course, you’ll talk to people who’ll swear that they love these positions and use them all the time, but take a look at their physique, that’ll give you a clue to whether they’re telling the truth or not.

And then we have a very common sexual position which most people will admit to have tried.

The ’69’

However, while the 69 makes the list of sexual positions to try, most people don’t rate it as a favourite, mainly because it’s actually a logistical nightmare. If you can actually manage to get into the correct position the chance of getting your bits bitten off in the throes of passion is a real possibility.