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Three things which will turn your escort off

escort turn offs

Most escorts aim to provide a top class service, meaning that they’ll often do all they can to accommodate a client’s wishes. However this doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of their obliging nature – so if you want to avoid turning your escort off – here are three things that will definitely put you on their black list.

Asking for a service which the escort doesn’t provide

If your escort has clearly stated boundaries, asking her for a non listed service is just rude and indicates a lack of thought on your part. As a client you expect her to respect any limitations that you have given her, so why would you not give her the same courtesy. Each and every escort has some services that they’re not willing to provide, so don’t try to pressurize them into doing so against their wishes. The easiest solution is to find an escort who is willing to provide what you want.

Assuming that she’s available round the clock

We know that an encounter with an Rotterdam escort can be an extremely exciting occasion, but please don’t get too carried away. The majority of escorts are not available 24/7 and they can’t be available every time you call. Escorts are people too; they have families, hobbies and commitments just like you, so please respect their private lives and don’t expect them just to drop everything to be with you. And after all, the waiting to meet can so mentally stimulating it can add an extra air of excitement.

Haggling over her fees

While the current economy means that things are tight for a lot of people, if you can’t afford the services of an escort it’s not an excuse to try and knock her fees down. It’s never a good idea to haggle, especially during a first meeting. It’s insulting and indicates a lack of respect.