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When being dirty just won’t do!

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Let me say it straight – if there’s one thing that’s going to put an escort off, it’s a guy who doesn’t wash before a meeting. So if you’re the kind of guy who thinks it’s ok to just splash on a bit of aftershave before turning up – read on.

Escort girls can be very accommodating – so you don’t look like George Clooney? That’s not a great problem. You’re a little shy or lacking in confidence? We can work around that. You’re carrying a little too much weight? That’s ok too. You’re older than my dad? Ok that’s fine. But when you turn up in the clothes you’ve been wearing all day with sweat patches under your arms and a less than fresh smell coming from your trousers – we just don’t want to know!

To be fair, most clients do take the time to groom themselves before they turn up and that’s great. The best escorts always make sure they’re perfectly groomed and look a million dollars and while we don’t expect the same attention to detail from our clients, we do expect you to be clean.

So remember if you turn up for your booking without having washed beforehand, our escorts are likely to ask you to shower before they agree to touch you in any way. And don’t forget this will eat into the time you have booked.

If you do decline to shower, escorts may refuse certain services and to be honest, we don’t like to do this. After all our aim is to make you feel on top of the world, to show you passion and respect, but you’ve got to agree it’s hard to do that when you’re not smelling your best and you’ve got your lunch stuck between your teeth.

But the worst reaction of all – your escort may just refuse to be with you. Now that’s not what you want when you’ve been anticipating your pleasure all day!